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The book reviews and puzzles have been circulated through emails by one of the trustees (Yatindra Singh) and are and are now being posted on the website.

1. A new new thing: the Silicon Valley story by Michael Lewis.
2. Uncle Petros and Goldbach's conjecture by Apostoles Doxiadis
3. The pleasure of finding things out by Richard P Feynman
4. The Cambridge Quintet by L. Casti
5. Who moved my cheese by Dr. Spencer Johnson
6. What Einstein told his Barber by Robert L. Wolke
7. Riddles In Your Teacup by Partha Ghosh and Dipankar Home
8. Science fiction books written by  Sir Fred Hoyle
9. Books on Lateral Thinking by Edward de Bono
10. A Beautiful Mind by Sylvia Naser
11. You're Too Kind - a brief history of flattery by Richard Stengel
12. The Road Ahead by Bill Gates
13. Just For Fun: the story of an accidental revolutionary by Linus Torvald
14. Book on Golf by Steve Duno
15. Godel: A Life of Logic by John L. Casti
16. Five points someone: what not to do in IIT by Chetan Bhagat
17 Eats, shoots and leaves and other books on punctuation and writing
18. The Joy of Linux: A Gourmet Guide to Open Source by Michael Hall & Bian Roffitt.
19. Books on Recreational Mathematics written by Martin Gardner
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