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photoThe book consists of articles and touches upon many apparently disparate themes. Subjects discussed are thought provoking and of keen interest not only for the lawyers and judges but also for the intelligentsia of the country as a whole. It depicts that basic nature everywhere is the same, irrespective of the time and distance which separates them.

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Cyber Laws (5th Edition)

This book is a collection of talks given by the author at different places; suitably modified in the form of a book. It is divided into two parts. Part-I deals with different aspects of Cyber laws and is topic wise. Part-II of the book is meant to be a manual of Cyber Laws. It contains relevant Acts, Rules, Notifications, Policies, Guidelines and relevant parts of the Agreements.

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Musings of a Judge

photo photo The book contains articles and speeches of the author on diverse subjects such as law, science, social issues and several other topics of general nature. They are not only beneficial to the students, lawyers and judges, but are of great interest to the public at large.

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A Lawyers World

Collection of Articles from the legal profession. Rich with anecdotes. … India Today.

The book’s witty style makes these strings of anecdotes worth a read. A student of science who takes up the legal profession under his father’s persuasion, the author draws together interesting incidents from his career as also exemplary personalities he had come across in his years as a legal eagle. … The Statesman

Critical study of the working of the justice delivery system and some of its weaknesses ... author casts his net wide, but what he catches is not only fish but shells, snails and other kinds of objects. …Hindu

Commendable job … refreshing work … attractive package … reasonable price…. The Book Review

A collection of articles in the realm of the relatively soft' areas of legal culture … book will serve the purpose of emphasising that administration of justice is the people's concern and not merely the exclusive preserve of lawyers and judges…. The Lawyer's Collective

The author, presently a judge of the Allahabad High Court, has given us an eminently readable book … We have pleasure in commending this book to every one of our readers … attractive look. … The Law Weekly

Depicts a degree of versatility … an asset for lawyer … critical study of the working of the justice delivery system and exposes some of its weaknesses… thought provoking and delves into the niceties of legal problems. … Maharashtra Law Journal

This book purports to be a critical study of the working of the Justice delivery system and exposes some of its weaknesses. It covers some important cases and comments on them....A mixed…. Business India.

A critical study of the working of our judicial system and exposes the weaknesses … material is thought provoking … written in an easy style … highly recommended for bar, library and practitioners of law… Law Teller

Book is unique … author has to be commended for the effort. Study of Law blended with scientific temper teaches precision and sharpens the analytical skills essential in the equipment of a lawyer … interesting articles … thought provoking … good reading for lawyers & judges. … Gujarat Law Reporter

[It] comes as a whiff of fresh air, and indeed a ray of hope, lending a bit of colour if not punch to what would otherwise become rather staid and stereotyped … commendable job… Northern India Patrika

Unique … thought provoking … depicts versatility … instructive … fascinating reading for all … not merely for lawyers and judges. … Justice JS Verma Former Chief Justice of India

It provides a fascinating insight into some judicial and legal events served through the standards of high moral values… Justice RS Pathak Former Chief Justice of India.

An admirable introduction to thorny legal issues, written in a simple and interesting style … immediately accessible to the reader. … Justice Ram Manohar Sahai Retd. Judge, Supreme Court of India

A readable collection of articles by a scientific mind … in the legal profession. … Shanti Bhushan, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court & Former Minister for Law, Justice & Company Affairs

Incidences recorded … very interesting. … Soli J Sorabjee, Attorney General of India

The book is eloquent testimony of versatility deep sincerity and courage of conviction. Dr. LM Singhvi MP, Senior Advocate.

Set of articles on varied aspects of life and living in the world of law. Lawyers and lawmakers … a very interesting reading … thought provoking. … Justice Satish Chandra Former Chief Justice Allahabad & Calcutta High Court

Your interest … is really praise worthy. .. Justice Jitendra Vir Gupta Former Chief Justice Punjab & Haryana High Court

The author has very deftly dealt with myriad of events to weave a story that is not only interesting but educative too. … Justice Amitav Banerji , Former Chief Justice, Allahabad High Court & Ex-Chairman, Central Administrative Tribunal

Book is special in character … full of author's experiences … relating to the period of emergency, will go down in the history of the judiciary … written in a very nice style … author has put his heart into it. … Sure the book will be welcomed by the entire Bar and Judiciary. … Justice S D Agrawala, Former Chief Justice, Punjab & Haryana High Court

Valuable publication. …Justice KG Balakrishnan , Chief Justice, Gujarat High Court

Extremely interesting … the author has handled different topics with ease and giving many details…. Life sketches drawn are absorbing…. Suggestions made in Draft Bill are thought provoking. The Draft Bill of population control in India is absolutely necessary…. It is worth consideration by the political powers … will be a useful addition to the legal literature. …Justice PS Patankar, Bombay High Court

Subjects discussed are thought provoking and of keen interest not only for the lawyers and judges but also for the intelligentsia of the country as a whole.
Justice R K Mahajan … Chairman Backward Commission, HP

Book sharply reflects the practical aspects of the law. …Justice Mukul Mudgal, Delhi High Court.

I had expected the book to be choke-full of unintelligible legalese. Imagine my pleasant surprise when I found it to be readable and absorbing. It is in the form of short articles aspects and vignettes. Another aspect I liked about the article was that fundamental issues, some philosophical import, were clearly brought out and explained… Dr. Vijai A Singh, Prof. IIT, Kanpur

Come out very nicely … fine publication … very interesting reading. ..Prof. Raj M Manglik, Director, Thermal Fluids & Thermal Processing Lab University of Cincinnati, USA

In the recent past, I have not read a book with such interest as I read it… It not only makes an interesting reading but provides some true insight too. … Justice BC Patel, Judge High Court of Gujrat.

It is interesting as to be unputdownable. …. Justice KN Goyal, Chairman UP State Law commission, Lucknow.

The book is absorbing reading which merits, attention not only for its style but also its contents. A must for every one connected with the filed of law. Justice VK Mehrotra former Judge Allahabad and Himanchal High Court.

A treasure of information and knowledge…. Justice Jai Shankar Trivedi Former Judge Allahabad High Court

The book will be appreciated by everyone. … Justice Umesh Chandra Srivastava, Former Judge of Allahabad High Court.

The Book is fine composition… Justice DPS Chauhan former Judge of Allahabad and MP High Court.


Chapter I Emergency

•Habeas Corpus Case
Inside story of the case and what has happened to the judges and lawyers who were connected with the case
•Liversidge Vs Anderson
A decision wrongly relied in the Habeas Corpus Case
•Log Book 109-111
The role of judges and lawyers of the Allahabd High Court during emergency
•Justice Kunwar Bahadur Asthana
•59th Constitutional Amendment Bill

Chapter II Case Study

•Kalyan Singh Reinstated
Reinstatement of the Uttar Pradesh government by the Allahabad High Court
•Uttranchal & Reservation
•The Rosenberg Saga
Passing off nuclear secrets to USSR
•But Is It Fair?
Miranda Vs Arizona; Rights of the Accused; Exclusionary rule
•Decisions Are From The Heart Rather Than The Head
Griswold Vs Connecticut; Family Planning; Right of Privacy

Chapter III Comparative Law -

India & Abroad
•The Monkey Trial-
Origin of Species; Creationism; TV serial Honi Anhonee
•Thalidomide Babies & Reliance Petro Chemicals
Right to information; right to fair trial

Chapter IV Law & History

•Pretty Ones
Struggle for women rights in the law courts
•Cornelia Sorabji
•In The Matter Of ‘A Judge’
Liability while acting judicially

Chapter V Law & Science

•The Morality Of Frankestein’s Clone
•In The Matter Of ‘Epimenides’
Decision making Process
•Gay Rights, Parity Conservation- Mirror Images ?

Chapter VI Comments

•For The Love Of Themis
Conditions of the law courts
•Off With His Head
Creation of High court benches
•Lawyers’ Creed
•Jefferson And The Defamation Law
•Advani’s Rath Yatra
Election At Amethi: Democracy in action
•Jaya’s Broken Promise
•Where The Clouds Come Home

Chapter VII Suggestions

•To Robe Or Not To Robe
Plea for change of lawyers’ dress
•Administrative Tribunals
•Computer And The Court Management

Chapter VIII Life Sketches

•Srinivas Ramanujan
•Rajju Bhaiya, As I Know Him
•Richard Feynman
•Stephen Hawking
•Isaac Asimov
•Otto Robert Frisch

Chapter IX Draft Bills

•The Uniform Marriage And Divorce Bill
•The Population Control Bill
•The Constitution (…Amendment) Bill


Cyber Laws

[The book] touches upon the technological basis of cyber laws. It carries discussions and understanding of digital signatures, source codes, metatags, linking, electronic documents etc.; some elementary and not-so-elementary concepts that are fundamental to any deliberation on cyber law jurisprudence . . . .The Tribune
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Cyber Laws is divided in two parts. Part I consists of Justice Singh's lectures on different facets of cyber law in various fora. He has modified them for doing the book. The primary emphasis is on continuity. Part II carries statutory provisions, rules and regulations. Justice Singh's work covers the issues being currently debated for understanding cyber law jurisprudence. His work touches upon the technological basis of cyber laws. It carries discussions and understanding of digital signatures, source codes, metatags, linking, electronic documents etc. . . . . . . . . .gunaah.com
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The learned author has taken great pains to compile and present important legislations on the subject and also several guidelines, which are indispensable for practioners. We compliment the learned author for having brought out a work which has been long felt need for aspirants in the relevant branch of law. The publishers deserve special congratulations for blemishless printing and colourful get up. 2005(1) The Law Weekly (Journal Section) 31

......The book ‘Cyber Laws’, by Justice Yatindra Singh, a sitting judge of Allahabad High Court, has been published by Universal Law Publishing Co. and is now in its fourth edition. The book is a comprehensive guide to the various legal issues which have arisen as a result of the unprecedented growth of the internet. It covers both academic and practical information regarding technology related issues and the underlying legal principles which have been applied in these areas......The Indian Journal of Law and Technology (http://www.ijlt.in)
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This second edition of the book, updated with the latest judicial decisions and  and statutory provisions is divided into two parts. Part-I deals with the different aspects of Cyber Laws with discussions or various topics, controversies and their possible solutions. Foreign statutes and laws and their reference on the Internet have also been cited. Part-II contains relevant Acts, Rules, Notifications, Circulars etc.

Chapter-I deals with the historical background of the Information Technology Act and mainly refers to the various sections of the Act. Chapter-2 deals with International Organisations and important Treaties. Chapters-3 to 5 deals with the protection of computer software, trade secret and reverse engineering. Chapter-6 deals with the legal problems faced by sites hosting web pages and information service providers. Chapter-7 and 8 deal with the future of IPR in the area of computer software, E-commerce and Taxation respectively. The grey areas are covered by Chapter-9.

For the proper analysis of Cyber Laws, the author lucidly explains the science behind the technology in order to sort out the legal issues. The book will be an asset to companies dealing in computer software or provi9ding software solutions, web page providers, Internet service providers, Banks, Insurance companies and other bodies providing online services, government departments implementing information technology, police officials dealing with investigation of cyber-crimes, teachers, students, lawyers and Judges.

Information Technology (IT) Act

IT Act (Chapter I): Preliminary-Cyber Laws

IT Act (Chapter-II & III): Digital Signature, Electronic Governance

  • E-Commerce

  • Digital Signature -Electronic Governance

IT Act (Chapter IV): Attribution, Acknowledgement and Despatch of Electronic Records - Jurisdictional Issues

  • Networking: Jurisdiction-Conflict of Laws, Cyber Slurring

  • The DowJones Case

  • The Young Case

  • The Griffis Case

  • Conflict of Laws-Other cases

  • The Yahoo Case

IT Act (Chapter V-VIII): Security Concerns, Preventive Measures.

IT Act (Chapter IX-XII): Security Concerns, Penalties, Adjudication, and Offences

  • The Gold Case                                                              

  • Civil Liability

  • Criminal Liability

  • Obscenity – Freedom of Expression

  • Interception of Communication & The Communication            Convergence Bill

  • Convention of Cybercrime

  • Extra Territorial Application

IT Act (Chapter XII): Net Work Service Provider-Protection

IT Act (Chapter XIII) (Section 78): Criminal Procedure

IT Act (Chapter XIII) (Section 91): IPC

IT Act (Chapter XIII) (Section 92 &93): Evidential Issues -Admissiblity in Court Proceedings

  • The Petitgrew Case

  • The Myers Case

IT Act (Chapter XIII) (Section 94): Electronic Fund Transfer

Chapter 2
Intellectual Property Rights, International Organisations, And Treaties

Intellectual Property Rights
World Trade Organisation (WTO)
World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO)

Chapter 3
Computer Software, Copyright And Copyleft

Source Code And Object Code

Copyright Act, Amendments, Remedies for Infringement of Copyright

Anti Circumvention Law And Digital Rights Management

  • The Decss Case

  • The Sonyplaystation Case

Software Licences, Open Source Software and Copyleft

  • Free Software, Gnu And GPL

  • Open Source Initiative (OSI)

Chapter 4

Historical Background
Grant Of Patents-Procedural Simplification
Patents- Rights And Liabilities

Computer Programme- Invention
  • Law-Us

  • Industrial Process

  • Business Methods

  • Law Europe

  • Law India

Chapter 5

Trade Secret, Contract Act And Reverse Engineering


Trade Secret
Contractual Protection-Term Of Licence
Reverse Engineering
  • Trade Secret And Copyrighted Software

  • Patented Software

Chapter 6

Intellectual Property Rights In Cyber-Space



Domain Name Dispute 

  • Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP)

  • Cyber Squatting & Typo Squatting

Metatags And Key Words

Chapter 7
Future – IPR


Future- Peer To Peet (P2p) File Sharing

  • The Napster Case

  • Gnutella

  • The Grokster Case

  • The Kazaa Case

Open Source Proprietory Software

  • Linux

  • Linux – Suits

  • Open Courseware

  • Open Successful Open Source Software

Chapter 8

E-Commerce And Taxation


  • Indirect Tax

  • Direct Tax

Chapter 9
Grey Areas

Right To Privacy

  • Spam

  • Spim

Cyber Stalking-The Communication Convergence Bill


Chapter 10

Part II
  • The Information Technology Act, 2000 

  • The Information Technology (Removal Of Difficulties) Order, 2002

  • The Information Technology (Certifying Authorities) Rules, 2000

  • The Cyber Regulations Appellate Tribunal (Procedure) Rules, 2000

  • The Information Technology (Qualification and Experience of Adjudicating Officers and Manner of Holding Enquiry) Rules, 2003

  • The Information Technology (Other Standards) Rules, 2003

  • The Information Technology (Other Powers of Civil Court Vested in Cyber Appellate Tribunal) Rules, 2003

  • The Cyber Appellate Tribunal (Procedure for Investigation of Misbehaviour or Incapacity of Presiding Officer) Rules, 2003

  • The Information Technology (Certifying Authority) Regulations, 2001

  • Guidelines for Submission of Application for Licence to Operate as a Certifying Authority Under The Itact, 2000

  • Notifications

  • WTO: Information Technology Agreement

  • Relevant Articles of Trips, EPC, WCT And WPPT

  • Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy

  • Rules for  Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy

  • Approved Providers for Uniform Domain Name Dispute-Resolution Policy

  • Special Electronic Funds Transfer Procedural Guideline

Musings of a Judge

The sober judge
Here is a book by a judge that leaves you thoroughly entertained, not as much for the sagacity of his views (although they often are sagacious) and not even for the quality of his musings (for that is what they admittedly are). Musings of a Judge  by Chief Justice Yatindra Singh of the Chhatisgarh High Court is eminently readable because of the sheer range of the author’s interests...........The Statesman
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Gender Justice

  1. Women and Prejudice―This article explains the historical background of International Women's Day (IWD).

  2. Gender Justice – A Legal Panorama―This explains the journey taken by Indian Courts about womens' rights.

Intellectyual Property Rights

  1. Trade Secret, Contract Act and Reverse Engineering.

  2. Protection of Semiconductor Topography.

  3. Computers Software and Intellectual Property Rights.

  4. Charms and Dangers of Harry Potter's World.

  5. Make Love, Not War―This explains Open Source Software (OSS) and allied matters.

  6. Patents: The Task Ahead―This discusses the problems in the field of patents and the solutions.

  7. Sanjeevani Booti―This article is about Traditional Knowledge; its protection problem and solution.

Articles & Lectures on General Topics

  1. Attitude Matters.

  2. Gandhi Jayanti.

  3. The Anxiety―To do Right―Remains.

  4. Prejudice―Womb of Injustice.

Cyber Laws

  1. Information Technology.

  2. Cyber Law.

  3. The Road to the Future.

  4. Information Technology and the Legal Profession.

  5. Good Seed Makes A Good Crop―This explains moral and legal implications of open format and ways to implement it.

  6. Beginning and end of Privacy: Strategies for Enforcement of Cyber Laws.

  7. Every fort can be breached: Policy Issues and Emerging Trends in Cyber Laws.

  8. Who shaves the Barber―This explains the role of adjudicating officers and challenges in implementing cyber laws.

  9. Speech delivered at the inauguration of web site of Allahabad High Court Bar Association.

  10. On the Internet, nobody knows that yu are a dog―This explains the fundamentals of cyber crime.

  11. Given enough Eyeballs, All bugs are shallow―This explains what is open source;why should it be adopted; what are the advantage & how money can be earned from it.

Court – Improvement

  • Sharpening the axe: Ways for reducing pendency at Allahabad High Court.


  1. Gods are dreams of men: The story of Darwin, Creationism, Evolution and Law Courts.

  2. Science Fiction: The pied piper of science―This explains science fiction,historical background, and its importance in the field of science.

  3. Quest for a million dollars―About Srinivas Ramajujam, the great mathematician.


  • The Green Pathway―This explains the principles established by the Courts for environment protection.

Reference, Condolence, Tributes and other functions

  • Speeches concerning reference, condolence, and other functions as also tributes.

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